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September 20, 2017 12:14 am

Features of GoMilpitas Blogs

Experiment with contemporary themes

Over 70 themes showcasing the very best in design. They’re slick, fully accessible, entirely standards based and we’re adding to them all the time. What’s more, bloggers can customise every sidebar using the Widget system, insert their own headers into many themes (through our simple in built cropping system) and even select the look and feel for those with alternative CSS displays.

Simply embed videos, podcasts, images and a whole lot more

You wanted features? We’ve got features! All posts are automatically spell-checked, auto-saved (so you never lose that post you’ve been working on for hours) come with a complete feature rich editor (with optional plain text view),allow for simple uploading of images and other files, are podcast ready and have automatic YouTube, Google Video and more video insertion devices… and that’s just a selection. Phew!

Import from other blogging sites – or export back to them.

Do you already have blogging sites up at places like Blogger, TypePad or LiveJournal? It’s not in the least bit difficult for you to import whole swathes of blogging goodness straight into your GoMilpitas Blogs. There are simple step-by-step instructions in and if you want to export back to them – we’ve got that covered too… not that you’d ever want to of course. Or, you can just use the export feature to back up your blog.

Features of GoMilpitas Blogs


  1. Please have a listing of where to donate stuff in Milpitas.

    Also, please set up a forum to allow Milpitas residents to post stuff they like to offer for free.

    Thank you

  2. May I suggest you join this Yahoo Group to post things you may have for free. It has been going for some time.

    If you wish to give to a specific charity, ask them. If you have books, give them to the Friends of the Library down at the library. They sell the books in order to purchase the ones they want. The sales are held three times a year.

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